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“The Wedding Trick is the epitome of emotionally resonant magic.”

Peter Samelson


“Jon Allen knows how create memorable and magical moments for an audience! A perfect example is The Wedding Trick. It is in my repertoire and gets my highest recommendation!”

Paul Green


The Wedding Trick is more than a card trick. It takes a couple on a personal and emotional journey leaving them with deeply personal keepsakes to treasure forever.


For many, The Wedding Trick is the standout piece in the book 'Experience: The Magic of Jon Allen'. In this booklet, I have expanded on the routine having performed it numerous times over the intervening years.


The O.L.D. (One Line Description) is this: Using what first attracted them to the other person, a couple find each other amongst many other people.


Whether performed close-up or on stage, The Wedding Trick is a truly personalised routine that does not simply rely on a couple writing their names on inanimate objects. It is a story about life and how the couple came to be together.


As well as a detailed explanation of the main routine, this booklet also offers ways to make it more meaningful, along with ideas for personalised mementoes that the couple will want to keep forever.


The Wedding Trick is not just limited to weddings. It is a perfect routine for an anniversaries, engagements and even siblings' joint birthdays!

The Wedding Trick

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