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Without saying a word, you bring out a set of boards. Each one has something written on it which you show instead of talking. Someone is asked to think of a playing card. After some entertaining yet silent by-play, you reveal the most startling conclusions you will ever see…


Employing a rarely used premise in magic, The Silent Treatment is an extraordinary routine that will intrigue and draw in your audience right from the very first moment, then leave them gasping at one of the most surprising and stunning revelations in magic.


The Silent Treatment can be carried in a jacket pocket, is fully self-contained and can be performed at a moment’s notice. Ideal for close-up, table magic, walk around and stand up presentations, The Silent Treatment is unlike any other routine you may perform. Easy to do, easy to understand and yet it delivers a truly magical and mind-boggling finale… all without saying a word!


The Silent Treatment is made from high quality, hard wearing materials to ensure that you will be performing this for a long time to come…



Here’s what some people have been saying about it:


"Jon Allen has put together a professional-caliber routine - a perfect opener - that combines novelty, charm, humor and magic.  As an added bonus, it is cannily idiot-proof."

-David Regal


“A stunning piece of magic and theatre, brilliantly constructed from beginning to end.”

-Richard Sanders


"The Silent Treatment is a great opener. It is novel, clever, funny and a fooler. It's hard to beat a combination like that!"

-Gene Anderson


“The Silent Treatment left me speechless! Another brilliant idea from the devious mind of my favourite English magician!”

-Boris Wild


”This trick is just too good. One of the best openers I ever saw in magic.”

-Mathieu Bich


“The Silent treatment is a real winner.  A great opener that draws the spectators into an unusual scenario that develops into an incredible magic effect.”

-Shawn Farquhar

The Silent Treatment - Original

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