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The classic effect with a difference.


WIthout saying a word, you bring out two small notepads. One of them contains the wording to the routine. WIthin the routine, a number between 1 - 25 is named (FREE CHOICE). The second notepad has numbered pages with a different item on each one i.e. bottle of wine, hammer, red rose, puppy. The item on the page number named is looked at and noted (a diamond). You reveal the reason you have not been talking is that you have a small packet in your mouth. Opening it up you reveal it is a picture of a diamond!


As a kicker, you ask the person to hold out their hands and you pop out a solid, giant diamond from the picture onto them!


Comes complete with everything you need to perform, including exclusive pre-printed Svenpad®, matching pre-printed notepad, giant diamond and The Holder.

The Silent Treatment - Diamond Edition

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