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This much-lauded book featuring 50 routines, moves, ideas and presentations from Jon's own working repertoire. Includes effects for close-up, standup and mentalism. Now available in softback.


“Stunning effects and jaw-dropping magic!”

-Jeff McBride


 “Jon Allen's magic is so strong and yet so offbeat. And what sets this collection apart is the amount of parlor material he includes. Anyone working on their close-up or stand-up acts would benefit greatly from Experience: The Magic of Jon Allen.”

-Joshua Jay


"There is a marvelous elegance and economy to Jon's work as a performer and as a creator. Experience does an extremely good job of capturing both!"

-Jay Sankey


Jon Allen is a man of many talents: he is a first place winner in close-up magic at both the International Brotherhood of Magicians and The Magic Circle. He is also the creator of ‘The Silent Treatment', one of the best-selling and most innovative stand-up magic effects marketed in the last decade. And he is one of the busiest magicians in the United Kingdom.


For the first time ever, Jon Allen is tipping his most prized routines and ideas - 50 effects packed into more than 200 pages of polished, performance-ready magic. More than 400 photos are included to make your learning experience a pleasurable one. Written with the inimitable style and wit of John Lovick, this important book will challenge and delight any lover of magic.


Learn the brand of magic that Seinfeld's Jason Alexander called “Brilliant”:


 • Jon's full Competition Act: including a solid two-foot cigarette from jacket and the show-stopping borrowed ring in sealed party popper.

 • Freddy's Dead: Jon's devastating version of Professor's Nightmare brings many new developments to this classic plot; suitable for close-up or stand-up.

 • The Wedding Trick: destined to become the definitive wedding trick for happy couples around the world.

 • Burning Rubber: Numerous rubber band effects, including the restoration of a band around someone's wrist, weaved into a full routine for walkaround or table work.

 • Signal Strength: A powerful pseudo-psychometry style routine with borrowed mobile phones and it's a superb marketing ploy too.

 • Schrödinger's Card: Jon's controversial card effect that leaves participants with an impossible object and a memory they will never forget.


Dozens more routines! Among them you'll learn five stand-up effects, suitable for large crowds and even theatre work.


Within these covers you will learn professional routines honed over thousands of performances. And you will learn ways to improve the experience of magic for your audiences.

Experience: The Magic of Jon Allen

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