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Cube Tube is an ingenious storage and display item for your Rubik's Cubes. It will store two cubes inside and becomes a raised platform and cover for a single cube in any 'matching cubes' routine.


Built-in feature works with Venom Cube by Henry Harrius as well as Rubicon by Gregory Wilson that allows you to visibly mix the cube in front of people. Also works with Rubik's Dream by Henry Harrius.


Whatever Rubik's Cube routine you do, whether using physical gimmicks or other methods, Cube Tube is a high-end valued item that enhances the look and feel of your routine.


"Cube Tube is an ingenious design for cube storage and elegant display in one item. Adding the deatures that work with Venom Cube & Rubik's Dram is a master stroke. I love it!" Henry Harrius


Note: Rubik's Cubes not included

Cube Tube

  • Cube Tube is made from acrylic and should be stored in the box in which you receive it. Care must be taken with it. Each Cube Tube is manufactured in such a way that each lid fits its specifc tube. Should you crack or break the lid or outer tube, it cannot be replaced and you will need to purchase a new outer tube.

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