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What is it that elevates you from merely showing tricks to performing magic? Simple. It’s the CONNECTION you and your magic create with your audience.


In this compelling set of DVDs you will learn how to create that connection. Jon Allen’s entire performing experience is crammed into 6 and a half hours of detailed instruction, invaluable advice and thought-provoking ideas. Enjoy 23 powerful effects and plenty of unmissable in-depth discussion with guest star and creative genius, Dan Harlan.


Included on these DVDs are effects with cards, coins, rubber bands, bills, sugar packets, books, Post-It notes, photos and much more. Watch performances on stage, in close-up and on the street for real people giving real reactions. The amount of performance knowledge and commercial material on these DVDs is unparalleled. Whatever level in magic you are at, CONNECTION provides you with so much to explore.


"The Jon Allen Connection is one of the best releases in the past couple of years."

- Wayne Houchin


"Jon Allen's Connection is the ultimate magic instructional trilogy... it truly is one of the best I have seen in a long while. His presentations bring new life to many effects. Smart and fun concepts you will want to use."

-Garrett Thomas


"Every time I work with Jon Allen I am reminded how magic can be used to form meaningful connections with audiences as well as entertain them. Not only are people amazed by his truly creative pieces, but they come away liking him as a person, not just a performer. That's the magic we should all be doing."

-Dan Harlan

Connection 3 DVD set

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