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There is nothing more poweful in magic than an effect with a truly personal touch and a meaningful presentation.


Anniversary Heartz takes a well-known premise to a whole new level in a personalised three-phase routine.


O.L.D. - A couple give each other their personalised heart; they match each other's choices and finally both individual hearts become a single, personalised heart.


There are times when a magic trick becomes more than just a magic trick. So much meaning is attached to it in the props, the presentation and the overall imagery it has a lasting, emotional impact on people. Anniversary Heartz is one such magic trick.


A perfect routine for weddings and anniversaries, Anniversary Heartz offers an experience a couple will cherish forever.



You receive a white velvet bag, two reusable red, acrylic hearts and 10 giveaway hearts.

(Display frame not included. Buy them here:

Anniversary Heartz

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