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All or Nothing is more than just a great trick; it introduces you to a brand new premise!


Based on a 50/50 routine, All or Nothing takes the 'free choice' idea beyond any other version.


You will learn the simple-to-do, engaging All or Nothing routine and discover the new premise that will open up a variety of new ideas for you.


All or Nothing is ideal as a casual trick for a friend or part of an online corporate show. It can be performed:



On stage

As a stand alone routine

A part of a longer routine


No matter what type of magic or mentalism you do, and no matter what your style, there is a way to present All or Nothing.


All is explained in the video instructions.


Nothing is shown in the trailer because seeing it gives away the entire premise, routine and presentation which can be easily done straight away. You're not getting a clever new method or a new toy prop.  You're getting something much more valuable! 


I will stake my reputation on you being more than happy with what you receive:


A digital download with 30 minutes of in-depth tuition

A second 30 minute video giving you variations of the routine and presentation along with different ways to apply the new premise.

Access to the Facebook group where you will learn even more from others who have purchased All or Nothing.


A few quotes from people who know a thing or two about magic and mentalism:


"Jon has created a clever, organic premise that has so many different ways to present, he’s not passing the torch; he's starting a fire."

Garrett Thomas


“The question is, can people be made to care about a one-out-of-two outcome? I know from experience that they can. Regarding Jon Allen’s effect ‘All or Nothing’, I am sure he cares whether or not I would give it an endorsement. What do you think has happened?”

Max Maven


“That’s a really lovely idea” Andy Nyman


“When Jon performed All or Nothing for me I was fooled...and badly! This is a real worker and one you’ll be proud to include in your virtual shows.”



“I absolutely love All or Nothing… I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s absolutely brilliant!”

Ken Dyne


“I just wish I’d thought of this first. This is great!”

Marc Paul


“Jon has taken an idea that almost every magician and mentalist will already be familiar with and he’s succeeded in transforming it into something brand new. Something original with a very unique twist that I’ve never seen before.”

Michael Murray


“Jon has taken a 50/50 premise and elevated it to become so much more: a high impact, meaningful and surprising effect. Just buy it. You’ll be glad you did.”

Tom Crosbie





All or Nothing

  • Check out the red & green two-way envelope set on this site. They are perfect for using with All or Nothing.

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