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©2019 by Jon Allen

A remarkable version of Card at Any Number where the performer never touches the cards!


You show a small wooden chest suspended from decorative chains. As it hangs from the performer's extended finger, a participant is informed that the box contains two things; a deck of cards and a small envelope. 


The participant is asked to name any number between 1 and 52. He has a completely free choice and may change his mind until the moment that he reveals it to one and all. 


The chains are detached from the chest and the chest placed on the participant's outstretched palm. He is then instructed to open the chest and to place both the envelope and the deck of cards on the table. The envelope containing the prediction card is removed and placed next to the chest. The participant himself counts off the same number of cards that was named and places the dealt off cards aside. The top card from the stack is removed and placed it to the side, face down.

Attention is drawn to the prediction envelope - it is torn open showing the card inside to be (for example) the Jack of Spades. All eyes now turn to the one face down card selected by the spectator. It is turned over to reveal the ..... JACK OF SPADES!


  • Please note that once the cards are placed inside the chest, they are NOT touched by the performer.
  • A standard deck of Bicycle poker cards are used.
  • The performer does NOT force the number on the person. Any number can be used and the duplicate of the prediction card will be at THAT number.
  • Reset takes but two minutes. The effect is performed EXACTLY as stated.

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